Lionel Messi Injury Wishes

Lionel Messi Injury

As you will be aware of by now, Leo suffered a nasty looking injury yesterday and reports state that it’s not as bad as first feared, with latest found here.

We at like to show our support and have our fingers / toes and anything else possible crossed, in the hope that it’s okay. So far on our facebook and twitter accounts we’ve had a fantastic response to well wishes, so why not join us in our support and comment below. We would love to hear your views and support.

* get well soon we will miss u
* May God grant u quick recovery. LOVE U SO MUCH. God bless u.
* Rapid recovery El Messiah….You will be back before 3 weeks, With God help…
* get well soon messi……..
* I wish u quick recovery. U are the greatest player of our time. May God be with u.

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